Sure, sure, you say; AEPi sounds pretty cool for yourselves, but what do you do for others? On the philanthropic end, Sigma Tau helped to organize and promote Tay-Sachs screening here at Stanford and raised $2262 to help rebuild a Magen David Adom Trauma Center in Israel—a sum greater than any other chapter's total in the national fraternity as a whole. We have helped run bone marrow registration drives, cooked breakfast for the homeless (SPOON), volunteered to help build homes with Habitat for Humanity, and raised money for the Chai Lifeline (a charity for terminally ill children) by baking and selling challah. In 1996, Sigma Tau was awarded AEPi National’s Jewish Communal Activity Award. In addition to reaching out to others, we've recently had a representative from Students Taking Action Now: Darfur (STAND) come in to educate us about the ongoing crisis in Darfur, and just this year we started an intra-chapter AEPi mentorship program to encourage older fraternity members to get together informally with younger ones and help advise them on classes, relationships, stress, major selection and possibilities for the future.