What’s AEPi? Isn’t that the business frat or something?
Alpha Epsilon Pi is Stanford’s only Jewish fraternity, consisting of 25 active brothers. We're also kinda the shit, if we do say so ourselves.

Do I have to be Jewish to join?
Nope. Our fraternity currently includes two non-Jewish members, both of whom hold leadership positions. We welcome everyone, regardless of religion, because diversity helps us learn from one another and contributes to the fraternity’s vitality.

Why should I join AEPi in the first place?
AEPi is committed to providing the college man with the best possible experience—an outlet for social connections around campus and friends who are up for doing whatever, whenever. Looking back when you’ve finally graduated, you’ll be able to say that Stanford was more than problem sets, essays, and exams. The lessons you learn from your brothers will form the second half of your Stanford education.

When does rush start? Do I have to sign up?
Rush starts the second week of spring quarter and lasts for just over two weeks. You don’t have to sign up for anything—just come out to one of our rush events, say hello, grab some food, and schmooze.

Is rush free? Is there a registration fee?
Yes, rush is entirely 100% free—no fees or costs to you whatsoever. Cheaper than a stick of gum!

What events is AEPi throwing?
Here's the list of rush events and necessary info, along with eye-catching cartoons.

If I miss a rush event, can I still try to join AEPi?
Yes. We understand that everyone has enough to do as it is, so just come to whatever events fit into your schedule. The more events you come to, the more brothers you’ll meet, and the better idea you’ll have of what makes AEPi tick. But we won’t penalize you for your busy schedule.

What can I expect if I decide to join AEPi?
A lifelong bond with a close-knit group of best friends who will always have your back. Nothing more, nothing less.