From parties to exclusive brothers-only events, AEPi makes active social life one of its group priorities. While we are constantly coming up with new ideas for parties, date-dashes, and brotherhood building events, over the years we have developed some favorites which have become Sigma Tau standards. In the fall, you can always find AEPi blowing smoke rings at Hookah in the Sukkah (an event co-hosted with Hillel) and throwing down sake bombs at our annual Banzai Bash. In the winter, we hold Bar Night and make our annual pilgrimage to Biscuits and Blues, a blues club in San Francisco with live music and delicious biscuits (and honey butter, mmmm). Come spring, we hit the Sand Hill Fields for IM Softball (go Hebrew Hammers!). And in between, we keep busy with quarterly Brownie and Margarita Nights, birthday runs to Happy Donuts, and road trips to San Jose State and UC Santa Barbara. Cheesy as it sounds, AEPi’s biggest tradition is having fun—work hard, play hard. College is only so long and AEPi's going to make sure we enjoy every minute of it.