As a Jewish fraternity, AEPi at Stanford is dedicated to providing brothers with programs and opportunities to explore the Jewish faith and culture, regardless of personal religion.

This past quarter we had our first "lunch and learn" series, Fraternity Judaism. About every other week, over a free bagels-lox-and-OJ lunch, Stanford Rabbis came to help us answer the question: "What one thing should Jewish guys know in this stage in their life?" The series proved very successful, and we hope to continue it in the future.

Whether it's an informal Friday night Shabbat dinner, challah baking at Columbae, Greek Shabbat (Hillel services, AEPi style), or Shabbat Special Dinner (dates, fancy clothes, optional services, catered food, and wine wine wine), AEPi provides a comfortable, fun environment to express, explore, or ignore your faith. AEPi at Stanford proudly includes both Jews and non-Jews, with backgrounds running the gamut from orthodox to reform, from "just Jewish" to not Jewish. Ultimately, it is through this exchange of ideas between brothers we each grow spiritually and as individuals.